Saturday, April 05, 2008 CIM and ARB

CIM cannot be used in combination with the ARB Service. These are two totally separate services.

Customer Information Manager (CIM) is a new paid service that allows merchants to store their
customers’ sensitive payment information on our secure servers for use in future transactions. CIM
helps eliminate steps in the checkout process for a merchant’s repeat customers, potentially
increasing loyalty and revenue. It can also help merchants comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI)
Data Security Standard, since customer information is no longer stored on their local servers.

Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) is a powerful tool that enables you to provide a scheduled
recurring billing service to your customers. ARB is completely automated—there’s no manual entry of
transactions required at each billing. The process is simple. You will create an ARB
“subscription” (using a subscription form similar to the Virtual Terminal) that includes the customer’s
payment information, billing amount, and a specific billing interval and duration. The payment
gateway does the rest, generating the subsequent recurring transactions based on the set schedule.
Subscriptions may also be created from eligible previous transactions and via batch upload.

For more details refer the development documentation.


  1. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Just a helpful comment I would like to add,

    I created a php class for the CIM XML API back in December 2007.
    I keep it updated. Take a look if your interested.
    It is open-sourced. (LGPL).

    -Ray Solomon

  2. I`m trying to integrate ARB with my e-commerce site , Now I cant get the SSL certificate and I want the FORM that's takes the Credit card information should be provided by . How can I get that FORM ? Do you have any idea ?

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